Compare your Marketing options

Let’s face it, most businesses battle with the decision on which advertising method provides them with the most value for their hard earn cash. We’ve compared automotive graphics to two common ways businesses try to get their business across to consumers to show you the difference in costs and results:

Wrap Advertising

Type of vehicle: Rav 4 – 5 Door Wagon
Type of wrap: Half Wrap
Type of information: Full digital print, vibrant colours that stand out, no info limitations
Average Cost: $2,500 outright (no ongoing costs)
Type of Exposure: Way over 80,000 impressions per month per vehicle
Average cost per impression: $0.03
Results: Visual marketing. On road marketing solution to your business. Potential customers are exposed to your business daily. Whether on the lunch run, sales call or site installation. Your brand and business are continuously exposed to thousands of potential customers every day.

Yellow Pages

Type of advertisement: Online advertisement
Type of information: basic business information
Average Cost: $200 per month
Total Cost: $2,400 per year ongoing
Type of Exposure: Only when a person is looking for your specific services online
Average cost per impression: $200.00 – $10.00
Results: Your business is surrounded by your competition. If there is a visually more appealing online ad, yours will be by-passed. We’ve all done it. Visual stimulation is one of the biggest reasons why we choose to contact one business over the other.

Business Cards

Type of advertisement: Hand card
Type of information: Name and contact details
Average Cost: $100 (200 cards)
Type of Exposure: One person (per card)
Average cost per impression: $0.50
Results: Exposure to your business and brand only once you have handed your card to a person. It get’s placed in a card file, or worse case scenario in the trash. Business cards are great to give out for contact details, however not as a marketing tool.


Advertising on public transport costs in excess of $25,000 per month! Why? Because it works!!!